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Program Leader Enrollment Policy Concerns Form

Program Leader Enrollment Policy Concerns Form


Program Leaders - Please use this form to share any concerns regarding the enrollment practices of other programs/schools that have impacted families at your program. The Department of Education will look into all concerns of program leaders and provide a response within 10 business days. Please note, your name/program will not be shared with peer programs as we investigate each situation. 

Before submitting a concern, it may be helpful to review the following enrollment reminders to ensure that the practices you are reporting fall outside of the DOE’s approved policies:

  • The DOE matches families to programs by first looking at the family’s choices, in the order they are listed on their application. Then, we look at the available seats and the student’s priority to attend.

  • Families receive one initial offer to the program they ranked the highest on their application that has an open seat for them. 

  • Only families that indicate interest in a program will appear on that program’s waitlist. 

    • Children are placed on the waitlist of any programs they listed higher on their application than where they get an offer.

    • After offers are sent, programs can add new families interested in their program to their waitlist in MySchools.

  • Programs are allowed to call families off their waitlists after offers are sent in May through early October. This is true even if a family had previously accepted an offer elsewhere.

  • The decision to accept a waitlist offer or leave a program is solely the family’s choice. Programs cannot pressure families to take waitlist offers or pressure them stay at a program if they choose to leave.

For more information, please:

  • Reference this Admissions Fact Sheet and FAQs regarding back to school enrollment and waitlists.

  • Watch this video to learn more about how the DOE matches students to programs. 

Please use this form to notify the DOE if you believe a school or program has provided misinformation and/or violated the DOE’s enrollment practices. This could include:

  • A family at your program has reported to you that they are being pressured to accept a waitlist offer by another school.

  • A family at your program has reported to you that they were told they need to attend a specific school in order to get into kindergarten.

  • Other programs are asking you to provide them with personal information regarding students currently attending your program or on your waitlist. 

For questions or feedback regarding this form or the DOE’s enrollment practices, please reach out to



In the space below, please list the names and dates of birth for each impacted family, if applicable:

5. Please provide your contact information, so we can follow up with you. *This question is required.