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Farmington Questionnaire #2: Vision and Opportunities

What's this second questionnaire all about?

This past September, the City of Farmington started updating its 2002 Comprehensive Plan. The updated Plan will direct Farmington's progress over the next 20 years by providing recommendations to assist the City's governing bodies in decision-making, and to move policy and development forward in an intentional way that is conducive to transforming Farmington into a healthy and sustainable economy for all.

As the Plan transitions into its second phase, it is important to make sense of the findings from the initial outreach efforts (public kickoff event, one-on-one interviews, foundation questionnaire, and meetings with technical and steering committee members) that reached over 200 people. This second questionnaire is a way for the City to report back on what was heard and to further seek your input. Let the City know your comments on how their steering Farmington into the future.  

Many thanks for your time and effort!
1. To start, please read the preliminary vision statements below and rate your overall level of satisfaction. The following questions will dive further into each of the statements.
Farmington is a showcase of year-round, unparalleled amenities that celebrate our distinct sense of place, promote our diverse heritage, and overall, enhance the health and wellbeing of the community while respecting the environment.

Farmington is a hub of the Four Corners region supported by robust transportation and communication systems that are conducive to strengthening local and regional social connections as well as the sustainable exchange of innovative goods, services, recreation, entertainment, and education.

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Farmington empowers its residents and visitors by developing a diversified economy that is conducive to inclusion and innovation, and that overall makes Farmington a safe, attractive, and hospitable place to be.
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