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Creatures of Habit Quiz

Which Creatures of Habit impact your life the most?!

Understand what influences your ability to generate ideas, make decisions and work well with others. 

Answer 24 questions. It should take under 10 minutes. There are no right or wrong answers. Just be honest- t
hink about what you are most likely to do and not what you’d ideally like to answer - and enjoy it.

Let's go...


My typical day looks like…

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Which is most like you?

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You are entering the annual pumpkin carving contest. Which approach are you most likely to adopt?

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Someone has told you that you MUST watch the latest tv series. What's your reaction?

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You're buying a present for someone who's really picky. What do you get?

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You need to pick a new person for your team. What influences your decision the most?

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A person delivering an important talk is sick and you are asked if you could take over at short notice. What do you do?

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Your team wants to take a time out to visit the paint testing factory. What do you think?

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