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2020 Mentor Application JPN

If you are passionate about helping emerging artists build their creative careers, in partnership with the Adobe, you're in the right place! Apply here to be a mentor to one of our 2020-21 Creative Residents. 

The advisor-resident relationship is meant to be mutually engaging for both people. Our intention is to pair residents with professionals who share their passion for similar work, topics their work addresses and who have skills that the residents still  need to acquire. For advisors, we seek individuals who have a compatible experience, curiosity and knowledge in an area the resident is focusing on with their project. 


Your mentorship role would be

  • Encourage the resident to grow professionally and creatively throughout the year.

  • Present professional learning resources, tips and guides so they can be more effective with achieving their project goals.

  • Be a sounding board for the resident’s ideas, helping them think through the best options for planning and execution.

  • Introduce the resident to people who will also help them succeed both during and beyond the Residency.

  • Create a curriculum of sorts that the resident can follow to develop a specific skill where they are weak or focused on during the Residency.

  • Help the resident be aware of what they don’t yet know. Make sure there’s a constructive action item / “homework” item with follow-through. 


Your Responsibilites

  • Meet with the resident at least one hour a week by phone or in person – depending on what works best for both people’s schedules. This can be broken into two 30-minute meetings if desired.

  • Meet with the resident and his/her manager once a month to track progress against big picture goals

  • Follow the resident’s work throughout the year to stay in touch with what they are doing in preparation for each call/meeting.


Your Benefits

  • The opportunity to inspire and positively impact another person’s creative path.

  • A complimentary year of Creative Cloud

  • Complimentary ticket to 2019 Adobe MAX

  • A  stipend, depending on the length of your mentorship (3-12 months)

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