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The Truth about Brightline...

Here are a few quick questions...we need your opinion!

1. They say:     We plan to run 32 trains per day from West Palm to the Orlando airport and there will be no problems.  Safety is our priority.

THE TRUTH:  Experts say they need to install more fencing, pedestrian bridges and barriers like other systems around the country.

With 40 dead on their tracks at 70+ mph, do you believe they will endanger even more lives and damage our communities at 100+ mph?
2. They say:     Brightline trains are safer than cars.

THE TRUTH:  Comparing the number of cars on the road and car miles to Brightline train miles, Brightline is far more deadly... 22.3 times more likely to have an accident.

Do you think there should be more pedestrian and vehicle Safety Features on the entire route to Orlando?
3. They say:     They are using only private money.

THE TRUTH:  Taxpayers are paying for:  train stations, replacing dangerous bridges, land, train police, annual crossing maintenance fees, retrofitting roadways and tax-subsidized bonds.

Do you think taxpayers should be paying millions of local, state and federal dollars for the deadly Brightline system?
4. They say:      They are doing everything required to make their trains safe.

THE TRUTH:  There have been 103 deaths on Florida’s track in less than 2 years and over half were on the FEC coastal corridor - 37 by Brightline, 25 by Florida East Coast freight.

Is it time Governor DeSantis supported Rail Safety Legislation?
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Thank you for answering this brief survey!  If you'd like to share more thoughts, email us at  You can lean more about the problems with Brightline by going to our website and our Facebook page - Alliance for Safe Trains.