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KNOWvember: Art through pain submissions

KNOWvember: "Art through Pain" submissions

As part of our KNOWvember campaign, "Art through Pain," we are collecting artwork from pain warriors. These pieces of art can be shared with us privately, or you have the option to allow us to use it in the future, such as in an article in our blog or INvisible Project magazine. If you share your art by Nov. 22, you will be included in a slideshow in our Dec. 2 newsletter!

Email if you have any questions.
1. What is your name?
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2. U.S. Pain Foundation plans to share a selection of the art submissions in various ways, for example, in a blog article or an article in the INvisible Project magazine. Are you OK with sharing your artwork, your artwork title (if there is one), your name, your state, and a quote about the artwork (if you have one)? *This question is required.
7. Please upload a JPG or PNG file of your artwork. As a reminder, you can view best practices here. *This question is required.