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Linux+ Practice Quiz: XK0-004 Quiz 14

Enjoy the following 10-question quiz from Emmett Dulaney.

1. One of your servers keeps experiencing kernel panics. Which of the following is a tool for kernel crash/dumping that can be used to save the contents of the system's memory for later analysis?
2. To enhance security, management has requested that all filesystems be encrypted with LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup). By default, which cipher does LUKS use?
3. Which option can be used with the ss command to display only RAW sockets?
4. The command nano -v fileA will do which of the following?
5. You want to use the dmidecode tool to see information from the system BIOS, but want to parse it and only data related to the processor.

What option will let you specify the type of information you are limiting the display to?
6. A previous administrator created a script file that uses mtr –g to test and log connectivity. What is the purpose of the –g option with this command?
7. Which of the following commands can be used with Zypper to remove a repository?
8. Which keys on the keyboard are used to navigate around the nmtui (NetworkManager TUI) interface?
9. Entries from which log file are displayed when a user uses the "lastb" command?
10. In order to remove a device from a RAID array, what flag can be used with "mdadm" to mark it as having failed?
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