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SVH Community Branding Survey

Dear Lake County Resident:

We have much to celebrate, as our new facility comes out of the ground with a long-awaited construction process, to commemorate our 140th year serving Leadville and Twin Lakes residents and visitors. The site of the old hospital, and the new one, will be more of a medical campus, to include a clinic, public health, inpatient rooms, emergency facility, surgical suite, physical therapy, imaging and much more.

Taking these changes into account, our internal stakeholders, including staff, board and volunteers, have chosen a new name and tagline:

St. Vincent Health
Where caring and community meet.

Our internal team chose this combination, which both honors our past and embraces our future. 

We have selected four graphic design firms to create a new logo with the new name and tagline. In this survey, we ask you to vote for your favorite. We will also ask for your opinion on potential new services you'd like to see at St. Vincent Health, and ask you which healthcare services and specialists are priorities for you and your family.

This survey will be open from November 7 through 25, 2020. We seek maximal participation from Lake County residents and homeowners. We do ask for just one vote per person, and that's why we ask for your contact information at the end. We will not share your contact information or add it to any databases, and your vote will remain confidential. Incomplete votes will not be counted.

There are also printed paper surveys, for those who do not have computer access, available at the current hospital in both English and Spanish.

This survey is short and should take no longer than five minutes to complete. The logos are best viewed on a computer screen versus your mobile device.

Now...the fun part! Thank you for being a part of St. Vincent's future by weighing in on its new brand. Let's get started.

Karen Onderdonk
Director of Outreach and Development