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SCWorks Midlands November Workshop Registration

Prior to registering for our November workshops, please view the brief descriptions below:  
*New* Careers in Logistics & Project Management Careers -You will learn the fundamentals of project management: how to initiate, plan, and execute a project that meets objectives and satisfies stakeholders.
*New* Careers in Welding, HVAC and Commercial Driving-This program is designed to provide the student with basic knowledge of the refrigeration cycle, electrical operation, heat pump operation, and air flow design. The classes prepare the student for entry level work with residential HVAC contractors. There will also be a segment where u can learn more on what it means to have a life as a truck driver.
*New* Community Care Support Squad-Students who completes this course of study will be able to work in a variety of healthcare settings. The program includes successful completion of Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Phlebotomy, Cardiac Care Technician, and EKG classes. Medical Terminology is a prerequisite for Cardiac Care Technician. Cardiac Care Technician is a prerequisite for EKG. This DHHS approved course prepares students to sit for the Nurse Aide Competency Exam. Students receive training in basic nursing care through classroom lecture, simulated lab care, and hands-on clinical experience in a long-term care facility.
*New* How to Work a Job Fair Join us in learning how to make the most of this opportunity to present your best self to potential  employers!
*New* Resumes that get Results! OK, so you have a resume. But is it truly working for you? Is it a true reflection of all you have to offer? If not, then this is the session for you! Let's tweak it so it gets the Employer's attention!
*New* Why Should I Hire You? Let's face it...every contact with an employer is answering the main question of "Why Should I Hire You?". So let's make sure you are answering that question!
Careers in Human Resources Management-Do you desire to be a part of the expected growth in the HR industry through 2027?   If so come learn what type of jobs are considered Human Resources and how to position yourself to gain an HR position.  This workshop will also cover what to avoid when pursing HR jobs and educational/experience required.
Expungement and Pardon Workshop- Come learn about the expungement process and how to delete misdemeanors and pardon felonies from your criminal record.  
Basic Computer Skills-Learn the basic functions of the desktop computer to include web browsing, email, and word processing.
The RealITy in Technology-Learn about the jobs in technology and the employment hierarchy of how to obtain those jobs. For example, some jobs require education and certifications, some mandate experience. Industry facts without the smoke and mirrors of getting a certification that will automatically increase your chances of getting employed.
Jumpstarting a Careers in IT-Information Technology and computers is a HUGE field with many different subfields. It takes all kinds of personalities and knowledge to work in IT – let us show you where you fit in the technology industry. Come learn the difference between front end design/development, networking and cyber security!
Starting Your Computer Career Learn job searching strategies to assist you with seeking employment digitally.

Interviewing Skills-Come learn up to date tips and tricks to help you perform better in job interviews
Hands on Training for Hands on Careers in Healthcare- Discover your potential today! Training will provide information on our services provided in the growing healthcare industry.
Resume Writing 101--Learn how to build a more effective resume in order to better promote your-self to potential employers
SCWorks Informational Session- Learn and explore the options that may be available to you under the WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) Federal Program and how to receive possible funding for various certificate programs such as CDL, HVAC, Forklifting, Health Care Training, IT, and more.  This Informational session will also include some of the additional services we provide at SCWorks.Please note: Registration for our Columbia Informational sessions have been removed. We are implementing a new process where a max of 25 people will be serviced. Attending the informational sessions will be a first come first served ticket process. Individuals will receive a ticket upon arrival and individuals with tickets will be serviced promptly at the start of the informational sessions. *It is advised to arrive 20-30mins prior to start time and this process applies to the Columbia Office only.

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