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PowerCheck Quick


What is PowerCheck Quick? Who should use this tool? What does this tool help me do?

PowerCheck Quick is a short version of Alliance for Justice’s PowerCheck tool. Both tools are self-assessments that organizations, coalitions, and groups to use to assess their capacity to engage in community organizing.

Completing this tool provides a quick snapshot of your current capacities related to community organizing: the skills, knowledge, practices, and resources that you have in place that make your organizing work possible.

This tool helps you document your current assets, locate gaps that may exist, and prioritize areas to strengthen and grow. It can help you make informed decisions about where and how to focus limited resources, and what types of partnerships to seek out to help build a plan to move forward.

How does PowerCheck Quick work?

PowerCheck Quick consists of five sections:
  1. Goals, Power Analysis, and Planning
  2. Empowerment / Constituent Leadership
  3. Organizing for Change
  4. Community Consensus Building
  5. Organizational Operations / Infrastructure
Each section consists of 3-9 indicators. As you complete each section, you will be asked to review a set of statements under each indicator and rank your current capacity in this area using the following scale:
  • Very Strong / Always = 4
  • Moderately Strong / Usually = 3
  • Somewhat Strong / Sometimes = 2
  • Not Strong / Rarely / Never = 1
  • I Don't Know / Not Applicable = N/A
For some questions, you can also select that you choose to “Rely on Partners” to fill a specific capacity need.

At the end of the tool, you will receive a score for all of the indicators and have the opportunity to reflect on which areas you would like to prioritize going forward in terms of strengthening your capacity.

Need to take a break and finish later?

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Keep in mind:
  • Achieving a high score in every category is not the goal. No organization has it all, so be honest in your answers.
  • Relying on partners can often be the best strategy to fill a particular capacity need.
  • Plan on repeating PowerCheck Quick in 3, 6, or 12 months time to assess your progress and growth over time.
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