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Academic Dismissal Appeal

Please complete this form to request reinstatement to a program of study.  On the second page are a series of questions to help the review committee better understand why you are looking to be reinstated and what specific things you will do differently to ensure you are successful.  Please take your time to answer these questions completely and thoughtfully as they contribute significantly to the review committee's decision.  The questions are listed below should you want to craft your responses before completing this form.

If you are unsure what program you'd like to study or want to talk with an advisor please schedule that appointment using this link before submitting this form. 

There are three pages to this form, please complete each page fully as incomplete appeals will not be reviewed.  Once submitted you will reach a page that says, “You have successfully submitted a request for reinstatement.”  Completed applications will be reviewed prior to the start of the semester. If additional information, or a virtual meeting is needed, you will be contacted by Academic Affairs. 

Questions on page two:
  • Why are you interested in returning to Bristol? How does a Bristol degree contribute to your future plans?
  • If you are reinstated, what specific steps will you take to ensure you are successful?  This might also include resources you plan to utilize, frequency of meetings with your advisor/coach, or changes you'll make to contribute to your success. Please list at least three items that you will do if you are reinstated. 
  • Is there any additional information you would like to share with the review committee?

If you have any questions, please contact Student Services & Enrollment Management at 

Fall classes start on September 6, please submit your appeal ASAP!   
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