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Ski Rack Driver Opt-In 2019/20

Ski Rack Driver Opt-In 2019/2020


Earn More in the Mountains! 

If you have a truck bed or a ski rack, now’s your chance to put it to work, and earn even more for taking passengers to and from the slopes. Just fill out this form or visit a Lyft location near you and we'll start sending rides your way.

Activation can take up to three business day after form submission. Please do not submit multiple requests unless you have several vehicles, or you were asked to.

4.  Is your vehicle currently equipped with a ski rack that supports 2 adult snowboards or 4 pairs of adult skis?
  *This question is required.
5. Do you confirm that your rack has been properly installed? (Select "yes" for a pickup truck bed) *This question is required.
6. Please upload one photo of your vehicle with the license plate in view.  *This question is required.
7. Please upload one photo of your vehicle with the ski rack installed. If you have a pickup truck, please include a photo of the truck bed.  *This question is required.