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Warriors at Ease Participant Code of Conduct & Ethics

*You’ve been redirected to the Warriors at Ease Code of Conduct & Ethics Agreement. All participants in Warriors at Ease trainings and programs must sign this form in order to participate. Thank you for your cooperation!*


Our mission is to bring the power of yoga and meditation to the military communities around the world through trainings advocacy, programs, programs, and partnerships. 


Learning Environment 

All trainings, workshops, classes and/or retreats are learning environments, meaning that students will be committed to maintaining an environment that supports and fosters learning, excellence, compassion, and integrity for all participants and faculty. This will be an environment where learners and faculty are willing to engage in a learning process that can be inherently uncomfortable and challenging, and where the environment is rooted in respect for everyone. 

Video & Photo Consent

Warriors at Ease will obtain written consent from everyone for all photo, audio and/or video recording.


Students, teachers, facilitators, and presenters will refrain from using language that is hostile, harmful, inappropriate or serves a negative intention. Do not assume that others think or rationalize as you do; you don’t know what you don’t know. Listen to others with the same attention and intention that you wish to be heard. To the best of your ability, speak clearly and straightforward. Everyone deserves to be heard. Ask questions with a desire to understand not to prove anything to be right or wrong.  

Professional Relationships 

Warriors at Ease requires that all employees, faculty, facilitators, consultants, and teachers establish and maintain appropriate and professional relationship boundaries with each other and with students. 

Student-Teacher Relationship

The student-teacher relationship is a privilege on both sides and will be respected as such. This relationship should be mutually beneficial, and always maintain an open line of communication.

Sexual Harassment & Inappropriate Sexual Behavior 


This applies to anyone and everyone connected with or representing Warriors at Ease. Sexual harassment or inappropriate sexual behavior will not be tolerated by anyone associated with the organization. Anyone associated with the organization is prohibited from harassing or engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior both during time spent representing the organization and time away from the organization. Anyone associated with the organization who is found to have been engaging in sexual harassment or inappropriate sexual behavior will be no longer be associated with the organization and will have any certifications or pending certifications revoked. 


Sexual harassment or inappropriate sexual behavior is defined as unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that is persistent or offensive and interferes with the mission of Warriors at Ease or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. Sexual harassment is defined by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when, for example, a) submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual's employment, b) submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting such individual, or c) such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.

Sexual harassment or inappropriate sexual behavior can be physical and psychological in nature. An aggregation of incidents can constitute sexual harassment even if one of the incidents considered on its own would not be harassing.


If anyone experiences or witnesses sexual harassment or inappropriate sexual behavior you may report the event to the Warriors at Ease Director of Operations, Betsy Diller, at . The identity of the reporter will remain anonymous. 

Warriors at Ease Values  

Compassion - Integrity - Commitment - Leadership  


Understanding - The desire for others to be free from suffering while remaining respectful of personal differences and experiences, and aware of collective responsibility to the greater good. 

Vulnerability - The courage to live life while remaining open to change, uncertainty and the unknown. To be human is to be vulnerable. “Vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, creativity, belonging, and love.” - Berne Brown

Support - Maintaining space for differing opinions, experiences, and beliefs, and understanding that being supportive looks different depending on the situation. 

Health - Not only promoting the health of the members of the military community but also caring for our own health and well-being by promoting and enacting self-care within our own lives 


Authenticity - Choosing to be seen and be vulnerable. Living and loving our story, and every part of it. 

Accountability - Maintaining the highest of standards and holding ourselves and those we work with responsible for the work we do. 

Honor - Respecting the abilities, qualities, differences and achievements of others by recognizing and appreciating those qualities. Living up to our commitments. Being truthful with others, ourselves, and our dealings. 

Equality - Providing everyone the same opportunities, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, background, gender or any other lifestyle choice. 


Growth - A commitment to constantly finding ways to learn and better ourselves for our own benefit and the community we serve. “There is a place where everything is right, and there is a place where everyone is wrong. I will meet you somewhere in the middle.” - Iyengar

Resiliency - The capacity to persist, adapt and transform in the face of change and adversity in a way that allows us to maintain our values.

Purpose - Staying dedicated to helping everyone remember they are -- and have always been -- worthy and deserving of love and kindness.

Consistency - Achieve and maintain a level of performance that supporters, teachers and students can expect from us in all of our work.


Teamwork - Cooperating; using individual skills and providing constructive feedback despite personal differences in a way that is most beneficial to the organization and those we serve. 

Resourcefulness - Continually serve as an authentic, reliable and relevant source of information within the yoga, meditation and mindfulness space.

Humility - Having a sense of curiosity that allows us to acknowledge when we don’t know something, and be open and willing to learn something new.



Warriors at Ease will never release personal information unless previously given permission, such as information listed on the “Find a Teacher” and “Free Warriors at Ease Classes” pages of the website. Teachers are often seen as someone for students to confide in, make sure you use the utmost respect with the information your students share with you. In cases of emergency, greater concern, or in the case a situation that is outside the scope of being a Warriors at Ease teacher make sure you always have a list of professionals who are able to assist your students where you can not. Know where the boundaries of being a Warriors at Ease teacher begin and end.  


Warriors at Ease will never release your personal information obtained through the “New Student Registration” or any of the Warriors at Ease surveys.  

Warriors at Ease does not disclose the personal information of our students, teachers, participants, faculty, employees, contractors, or donors except: as mandated by law; or prevent a clear and immediate danger to someone; in the course of a civil, criminal, or disciplinary action arising from the instruction where the teacher, faculty member, employee or consultant is a defendant; for the purpose of supervision of consultation; or by previously obtained written permission. In cases involving more than one person or (as a student), written permission must be obtained from all legally accountable persons who have been present during the program before any disclosure can be made. 


If a student, teacher or training participant wishes to leave a testimonial, Warriors at Ease will only associate the name of the person who left the testimony if that person gives Warriors at Ease the permission to do so. 


Personal Conduct 

Students are personally responsible for the energy and presence they bring into the classroom. All participants (students, teachers, faculty, etc.) are to align their behaviors with the values of Warriors at Ease when participating in Warriors at Ease affiliated events, trainings, retreats, etc.  

Dress Code

All participating persons are to dress comfortably, modestly and appropriately while attending Warriors at Ease events.  

When teachers, students, or faculty are attending or facilitating Warriors at Ease classes, retreats, workshops, etc., tops should fit comfortably, show no cleavage, and show no mid-drift. Bottoms should also fit comfortably, come below the knees, and be modest in nature.

All clothing should be free of logos, art, innuendoes, or any other symbols that can be suggestive, offensive or controversial in nature. 


Students, teachers, facilitators, and presenters are expected to respect everyone’s time by being punctual, using everyone’s time wisely and always starting and ending on time. One-hundred percent attendance is required during training events, though there are exceptions for extreme or specific circumstances.  

Communicable Disease 

Students or participants who are knowingly or possibly infected with a communicable disease should contact their immediate teacher, faculty, facilitator or the Warriors at Registrar prior to signing this contract. All information will be kept confidential and within the confines of the organization. All students are responsible for taking the appropriate steps to create and ensure a safe environment.  

Cell Phones & Electronics 

Cell phones and all mobile or electronic devices should be kept on silent during trainings, classes or other events to maintain a learning-focused and therapeutic environment. Warriors at Ease understands that in certain cases -- such as emergencies, deployed spouses, or being on-call -- having a cell phone easily accessible is needed. That being said, please be mindful and respectful of others’ time and space. 

Problem Resolution

Anyone who finds themselves with a problem they wish to have resolved or understood should do so only with those who are involved. If no resolution can be reached on your own,  bring the issue or problem to the attention of the teacher, faculty or facilitator directly. If a resolution still cannot be found, then the issue will be brought up to the Director level.  

Personal Property 

All students are solely responsible for their own personal property. Warriors at Ease, it’s teachers, faculty, facilitators, and/or employees are not responsible for losses, damages or replacement of any personal property.  

Usage & Copyrights 

All intellectual, digital and written property of Warriors at Ease is under legal copyright and may not be copied, dispersed or used in any way without prior and written consent of Warriors at Ease. 


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I have read and understand the Warriors at Ease Code of Conduct & Ethics. I agree to adhere to this code and the Warriors at Ease Values while I am participating in Warriors at Ease events or representing Warriors at Ease.

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