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2020 Boulder County Business Hall of Fame Nomination Form

The Boulder County Business Hall of Fame mission is to research, document and recommend for induction into the Hall of Fame those individuals who have been instrumental, through business-related efforts, in providing direction, energy and support to the shaping of Boulder County since its inception.

Nomination and Selection Criteria:

The Boulder County Business Hall of Fame Board of Directors is seeking nominations for individuals whose business-related efforts have resulted in community-wide economic, social and/or cultural benefits that not only have had an immediate positive impact on Boulder County and its citizens, but an impact that will be evident in decades to come.

Additional board criteria:
Nominees may be an individual, or individuals and business partners, or families as a single nominee.

Individuals with business-oriented nonprofits are eligible for consideration, i.e., chambers of commerce, and nonprofits operating as businesses, such as credit unions and hospitals.

The nominee has displayed the highest level of ethics in their business dealings.

The nominee has had concern for improving his/her community as a business leader.

Civic and/or philanthropic activities are relevant but not the primary factor in selection.

The nomination deadline is Jan. 31, 2020.
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