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Application: "Early Modern Amsterdam: Tolerant Eminence and the Arts" - Spring 2020

Application: “Early Modern Amsterdam: Tolerant Eminence and the Arts”

Professor Nigel Smith
ENG 448/THR 448/HUM 448/COM 440
Spring 2020

“Early Modern Amsterdam: Tolerant Eminence and the Arts” is an interdisciplinary course on early Modern Amsterdam (1550-1720) when the city was at the center of the global economy and a leading cultural center; home of Rembrandt and Spinoza and original figures like the playwrights Bredero and Vondel, the ethicist engraver Coornheart, the political economist de la Court brothers and English traveling theater.  We go from art to poetry, drama, philosophy and medicine.  The course will travel to Amsterdam over Spring Break (Friday, March 13-Saturday, March 21).  Students will visit museums, enjoy guest talks and participate in recreation of traveling theater from this period.  Enrollment is by application only.

The deadline for applications is 4:00 p.m., November 22, 2019.

Note that it is hoped that the course will include students from a broad range of backgrounds, from closely related to this subject by major interest to far removed, from fitting a curricular need to stretching one’s undergraduate experience in a meaningful way.
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9. List by title courses you have taken or are taking that would be relevant to ENG 448, whatever their field.
12. Provide the name and contact information for at least one Princeton professor who is familiar with your academic work and can serve as a reference (e.g. your thesis advisor, a recent instructor, or your faculty academic advisor):
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14. Note to all students: Your passport must have some blank pages for immigration stamps and it must be valid six months beyond the end of our trip (that is, at least through September 21, 2020). If you register in the course and your passport does not meet these conditions, you will need to renew your passport immediately.

Note to international students: For non-U.S. citizens or permanent residents, make sure your U.S. visa and travel signature on your I-20 are valid at least until your date of return to Princeton.

Contact the Davis International Center immediately if this is not the case or if you have questions.

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16. All the texts we study will be in English or English translation; all instruction will be in English, and as is well known English is widely spoken in Amsterdam.  However, just for the record, do you have any speaking, reading or writing competence in Dutch?
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17. Please confirm that you will be able to attend the trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands, which will require departing Princeton in the afternoon of Friday, March 13, and returning Sunday, March 21, leaving early in the morning.
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18. Which particular disciplines reflected in the class are you most interested in? *This question is required.
19. Please include with your application a statement of no more than one page (12-point font), in PDF format, about why you want to take this course and how it will help you to achieve your academic goals at Princeton. 

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