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Spot Survey of 2020 Merit Forecasts


Thank you for participating in our annual Spot Survey of 2020 Merit Forecasts and Practices

This survey covers U.S. forecasts and should take only a few minutes to complete.  The survey provides an update to results from our mid-year Policies, Practices & Merit Survey. Results will be provided free of charge to all participants.  The Survey is open for participation until COB December 13, 2019.

PDF Version of Survey for Review Purposes

Please call us with any questions at 212.683.7745 or email us at  

1. What is your 2019 Forecast for the items below?  The cells will accept decimal points. Please report 0% if no budget is planned.  Note: Budgets for Promotions and/or Special Adjustments typically range between 0.25% and 2.5%, reflected as a Percent of Total Payroll.
Space Cell OverallExecutivesManagementProfessionalsSupport / Non-Exempt
Merit (as % of Payroll)
Promotions (as % of Payroll)
Special Adjustments (as % of Payroll)
Combined Promotions and Special Adjustments (as % of Payroll)
Total Increase Budget: Merit + Promo + Special Adjustments (as % of Payroll)
Single Salary Increase Budget (as % of Payroll (Components Not broken out)