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Forge North | Setting Regional Goals

Background on 3 Year Goals

What are the most important goals for the Greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul region over the next 3 years?

This year, Forge North partners have heard from hundreds of folks like you through interviews, focus groups, surveys, and events. Those ideas informed a bold 10-year ambition for problem solvers across our ecosystem.

By 2030, the Greater MSP region will be the best place for people from every background to start & scale ventures that create wealth by solving global challenges.

It will take a transformation to achieve this ambition. Many indicators will be measured annually through the Forge North innovation dashboard, from business creation & survival, to capital, deal count, jobs, accelerators and support programs, STEM grads, patents, HQs, and inclusion. We will consistently monitor perceptions among key actors in the ecosystem, as well.

Our question is: What are the specific goals we should set for the next 3 years?