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In2scienceUK Student Application 2020

Welcome to the In2scienceUK Programme!

The In2scienceUK programme is here to kick start you on your journey to an amazing career in the sciences, technology, engineering or maths! 

Through our placement programme, you will have the opportunity to work directly alongside a host of STEM experts gaining hands on experience, insight and skills to help you pursue your future career and become a STEM pioneer.

Along the way, we'll support you to build your skills, knowledge and confidence through our skills days, university applications and careers advice, and workshops that will provide you with the right tools to give you a leg-up in your eventual career.

Your application will help us decide which opportunities will be most beneficial for you. By applying you are committing to fully participating in the programme. We hope you find the experience rewarding, fulfilling, and fun!

Please Note: We are only accepting applications to the 2020 programme from the following regions at this time:
Welwyn Garden City
If you live within a 1-hour commute of these regions, please feel free to apply! 

The deadline for application submissions is 18th May 2020. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at   

You should only complete this application form if you are a current year 12 student.  Younger students should complete our expression of interest found here.
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