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Mental Health 2019/2020

Mental Health Project

Section 1 Methods of Mental Health Service Delivery
What do you think about the mode of mental health services being delivered through:
What would make you more likely or not to use a mental health service through the following methods:
Who would you prefer to see for a mental health issue? (tick all that apply) *This question is required.
Has your GP surgery met your needs in dealing with your mental health issue? If not, why not *This question is required.
1. Who do you currently seek help from for your mental health? (tick those that apply) *This question is required.
Section 2 Physical and Mental Wellbeing
Do you feel having a long-term physical health condition impacts on your mental health? *This question is required.
Impact of mental health and long term physical conditions.
About You
What age categories do you fit into? *This question is required.
Gender *This question is required.