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Linux+ Practice Quiz: XK0-004 Quiz 15

Enjoy the following 10-question quiz from TestOut.

1. A technician is configuring a server with four network interface cards to use a round robin scheduling algorithm. This algorithm transmits packets on the first available network interface.

Which of the following is provided by this configuration?
2. Tom, a Linux administrator, has installed a new hard disk. He creates two primary partitions, sdb1 and sdb2, and one extended partition, sdb3. He formats sdb1 with ext3 and sdb2 as a swap area. When Tom attempts to format sdb3 as a swap area, he is unable.

Which of the following explains why Tom can't format sdb3?
3. Without installing an RPM package, you want to check for all of the package's uninstalled dependencies. Which of the following commands should you use?
4. Which of the following utilities should you use if you need to extract a file from an RPM package file?
5. After a severe lightning strike nearby, a number of processes seem to be running on the server in runaway mode. Which utility terminates these processes by name, and not just by process ID number?
6. Which kill option stops and restarts the process with the same Process ID (PID)?
7. Which of the following is the associated device file for that terminal?
8. Which of the following is a pair of virtual character devices that provide a bidirectional communication channel? (One end of the channel is called the master; the other end is called the slave.)
9. A service account is created by the system or an application and cannot be used to log in to the system. Which of the following methods can be used to verify that a service account cannot login to the system?
10. Lydia, a developer, recently made changes to some files and wants to update the changes on the master branch. Which of the following is the BEST command to use for this purpose?
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