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Membership Details

To renew or join the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE), please complete and submit this membership registration. 
To complete the  registration you will need the following:
       - Primary member: name, address, phone & email
       - Affiliate members(Organizational only): name &email (You are encouraged to add all trainers providing ACRE endorsed training.)
       - Payment Method: Invoice or Credit Card
Please be advised that all ACRE members (Organizational primary member and Individual member) are now required to sign off on an ACRE Member Agreement included in the membership form. 

As an ACRE individual or organizational member I/we agree to give a good faith effort to support the mission of the ACRE organization and adhere to the following:
  • participate in committees and/or adhoc efforts as individual/organizational resources permit;
  • attend/participate in annual meetings and other ACRE-sponsored events (in person or virtually);
  • that I/we will not offer (or advertise, expressed or implied) ACRE training (or promote training based on ACRE competencies) without having an ACRE-approved curriculum; and
  • that were my agency to provide an ACRE-approved curriculum, we would need to sign the ACRE agreement to adhere to all ACRE requirements of ACRE Training Providers.
If you have any questions about the ACRE member agreement or membership in general,  please contact a Board member.

President:  Dale Verstegen,
Vice-President:  Michelle Sparling,
Treasurer/Membership:  Vicki Ferrara,
Secretary:  Ashlea Lantz,   
Immediate Past President/Website:  Cecilia Gandolfo,
At-Large:  Todd Culver,
At-Large:  Jenny Crook,


Individual Membership

  • $75 Individual Membership
  • Has voting rights, contact for association business and committee participation.
  • Sign off on member agreement as part of registration form. 
  • Membership is for a calendar year (January - December) Memberships are not prorated.  However, new memberships initiated between October and December will also be valid for the following calendar year.

Organizational Membership

Membership is for the calendar year (January - December) Memberships are not prorated.  However, new memberships initiated between October and December will also be valid for the following calendar year.

  • $250 Organizational Membership
  • Primary Member has voting rights, contact for Association Business and Committee Participation
  • Sign off on member agreement as part of registration form.
  • Up to 10 Associate Members List-Serv and Committee Participation


For more information, contact:
Vicki Ferrara, Membership Coordinator

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ACRE Member Agreement
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3. Member Information:
The Primary Organizational Member or Individual Member will have Association voting rights, be the primary contact for ACRE business and are encouraged to engage in committee work. 
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Organizational Associate Member ListServ 
We encourage organizations to include all trainers of ACRE endorsed curriculum to be added as  Associate members.  This will include them in our listserv so they receive association updates and they can choose to participate in committee involvement as appropriate. 
You may enter up to 10 Associate Members
You can add/change members during the year by requesting an edit link.
This question requires a valid email address.