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Federal Way Visioning - 077-032-002 - ooh survey

2. What do you like or find useful about the City South area today? Check all that apply and provide other ideas as you like:
3. In the future, I want to be able to _______ in this area. Check all that apply and provide other ideas as you like:
4. How often do you visit the City South area?
5. How interested are you in using expanded transit options (e.g. bus, light rail) for your trips when the future light rail station opens?  
6. If you plan to use the future light rail station in City South, how would you like to access it, including the nearby station area? Check all that apply:
As the City considers a future planning process for the City South area, your input and priorities will help us understand how you want to use the area.

These pictures represent the four place types described above. While the pictures aren’t perfect, and none will fit perfectly in Federal Way, they illustrate a few different ways that Federal Way could grow around the future light rail station. 

Take a look at each example, reflect on the components you like within each one, and share your responses in the following questions.

A - Suburban-style retail and commercial area
View examples above

Mostly big box-style retail options and is made for driving

B - Mixed-use residential neighborhood
View examples above

Primarily residential neighborhoods, buildings up to 3-stories, with some business opportunities

C - Compact mixed-use district
View examples above

Upper-story residential in 4- to 5-story buildings with some ground floor retail and commercial opportunities

D - Urban-style retail and commercial center
View examples above

Compact, urban-style commercial opportunities in buildings up to 5- to 7-stories tall with some residential opportunities

9. Now that you’ve reviewed the images and understand the kinds of uses that might be possible near the station, which of these strategies do you prefer? Check all that apply.
Please respond to a few brief demographic questions. They are optional, and your answers will help us understand who completed the survey.
10. Approximately how far from the light rail station area do you live?
11. Are you: ______? Check all that apply:  
12. What mode of transportation do you use for the trips you make most often? Check all that apply:
13. How did you hear about this open house? Check all that apply:
14. What ethnic or racial group do you consider yourself a part of or feel closest to? Check all that apply:
15. What languages are spoken in your home? Check all that apply:
16. What gender do you identify with?
17. What is your current age?
18. Would accommodations in any of the following areas make future engagement opportunities easier or more comfortable for you? Check all that apply and describe your needs:  
19. What is your household income?