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WS PFS Community Survey 2019

Your responses are voluntary and private. Please respond as honestly as possible by checking the box or filling in the blank. Your valuable input will help us plan prevention activities for our community.

For the purposes of this survey, the “Community” includes anyone you consider to be part of the Warm Springs community who resides in - or regularly participate in activities held in and around - the town of Warm Springs.  This includes tribal members and descendants as well as other Native people who live and work in the community and non-Native relatives who are involved in community activities.
1. What is your age?
2. What is your gender?     
3. What is your race/ethnicity? (check all that apply)
4. How easy or difficult is it for underage youth (12-17 years old) to obtain alcohol from the following people in your community? (please mark one answer per row)
Space Cell Very difficultDifficultEasyVery Easy
Older siblings: