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SQRP Stakeholder Survey

SQRP Stakeholder Survey Introduction

As part of the redevelopment of the District’s Performance Policy, Chicago Public Schools is asking for feedback in understanding the values of staff, students, parents, and the Chicago Community at large. This is part of the district’s long term vision of academic progress, financial stability, and integrity. We believe that by utilizing the collective voice of the many and diverse groups within this city, and by engaging transparently in our Performance Policy Redesign, our district can continue the improvement in academic outcomes for all students that has made Chicago a leader in education nationwide.  

The District’s School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP) is designed to help Chicago families, communities, and other stakeholders understand how our schools are doing. To align with our 5-Year Vision commitment to equity, we are learning from models in other states and school districts to learn about the intent and impact of other qualitative and quantitative metrics. As our school rating policy evolves, we are hoping to receive critical feedback through this survey to both understand your feelings about the current performance policy, as well as to guide us as we reshape it to be more responsive to our many stakeholders. This is just the first step in the process, and we will continue to engage you and the larger community in the process.

The following survey has 13 questions and should take about 10 minutes. Please share your thoughts with us.

More information on SQRP policy and calculations can be found here.