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Accessing Higher Ground Overall Evaluation 2019

Thank you for joining us for the 22st Annual Accessing Higher Ground Conference

1. Attendee Information. Please choose one.
2. I am a/an:
3. How did you hear about this conference? Please check all that apply.
4. Please indicate the organizations/communities of which you are a member.
6. Please rate the following elements of the overall conference information and registration process.
Space Cell 1=Poor2=Fair3=Good4=Very Good5=Excellent
Announcements and information provided prior to conference
AHG website (e.g. session descriptions/design)
Registration fee
Registration process online
Assistance received prior to event
On-site services/staff
7. Please rate the following elements of the overall conference program.
Space Cell 1=Poor2=Fair3=Good4=Very Good5=Excellent
Overall conference program
Usefulness of information presented
Effectiveness/knowledge of presenters
Keynote & Plenary speakers
Exhibit Hall
Round Tables
Special Events - Exhibitor & Evening Receptions
Opportunities for Networking
Universal Design and Accessiblity Mini-Conference
Facilitated Lunch Networking
8. Please rate the following elements of the conference venue.
Space Cell 1=Poor2=Fair3=Good4=Very Good5=Excellent
Conference/hotel location, amenities
Session meeting space
Parking/transportation options
Meal quality/pricing
Refreshment breaks
12. How likely are you going to attend future AHG conferences?
0 = Not Likely1 = Not Sure2 = Likely3 = Very Likely
13. How likely are you to encourage a colleague to attend AHG?
0 = Not Likely1 = Not Sure2 = Likely3 = Very Likely
14. This year we scheduled 2 round table blocks. Some individuals have provided feedback that the breakout sessions are more valuable. For next year's conference, please indicate if you would prefer to have only 1 block of round tables, the current amount or more.
15. This year we extended the Friday schedule to 3:00 pm (previously the conference ended at 12:45 pm). Did you like this extended schedule.