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2019 CL Annual Report Submissions

Please use this form to submit your 2019 Constituent League Annual Report.
For questions using this form, please contact the NLN Membership Department at
1. Please include the contact information for the person who is submitting these documents: *This question is required.
2. Please upload your completed 2019 Constituent League Annual Report here. 

You can obtain the template for this report on the NLN website, under Membership, Constituent Leagues, CL Resources, Annual Report. Support file types: docx, pdf, 25 MB maximum. Important: Please note that incomplete reports will not be reviewed by the CLLC.  *This question is required.
3. Financial Statement and Budget: Please upload your completed 2019 financial statement and 2020 budget here. Please note, these are not bank statements. The NLN is looking for the specific data found in this template. You do not need to use this template, but you do need to present the data the template is asking for. Please find the template here:
Support file types: docx, pdf, xlxs, xls
25 MB maximum.
*This question is required.