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The "Bucket Approach" Online Training

The "Bucket Approach"
A Tailored Tobacco Treatment Approach to Assist Patients with Mental Health Disorders
Outreach Specialist, Allison Gorrilla, from University of Wisconsin - Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention will present on the importance of providing smoking intervention for individuals with mental health challenges. This training will offer several tailored approaches for you to use in your practice.

  1. Understand the tobacco use disparity among those who suffer from a mental health condition
  2. Understand the importance of addressing tobacco use with pregnant/postpartum women who smoke and suffer from mental health conditions
  3. Learn how to offer tailored interventions to help pregnant/postpartum women quit to make changes in their smoking


  • Current and New First Breath Providers that provide direct services
  • Tobacco and Maternal/Child Health Partners
Please use the "back" and "next" buttons to navigate through the modules. Using the back button in your browser will cause you to exit the training