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SC Works Midlands December Workshop Registration

*New* 6 Things the Interviewer Won't Tell You- Come find out what the Interviewer(s) is thinking and the type of homework s/he'll do to see if you are the right person for the job! And find out what you can do to show that you are the RIGHT person!
*New* Profile of a Successful Job Seeker-What makes the difference between successful job seekers and unsuccessful ones? If you don't know, or are not having any luck in finding a job, come find out what you may be doing or NOT doing to become successful in your job search.
*New* Start Fresh: Financial Literacy Workshop-In this workshop we will be discussing the fundamentals of budgeting and credit. We will go over the budget formula and how to build, establish, and repair your credit score.
*New* Financial Literacy ~ Three First Steps-This workshops covers three steps anyone can take to change how they understand and use money.
*New* Embracing Technology: “Working Smarter, Not Harder” -Learn about the jobs in technology and the employment hierarchy of how to obtain those jobs. For example, some jobs require education and certifications, some mandate experience. Industry facts without the smoke and mirrors of getting a certification that will automatically increase your chances of getting employed.
*New* Step by Step: A Career Readiness Session-The professional world is changing every day.  During the hiring process, employers are expecting many tasks to be handled even before an initial interview.  To be self-efficient, you, as the future employee, have to research the company and prepare yourself in other aspects. This is what this session is for; TO PREPARE! During this session, Finkley will use a combined lecture, a small and large discussion, and interactive games to engage the attendees. Within the last portion of this session, Finkley will allow room for question and answers between himself as the presenter and the audience.
Resume Resuscitation-Does your resume need to be revived?  Do you need assistance creating a new resume?  If so, this workshop is for you.   During this workshop we will discuss 2019 resume trends, formatting, and best of all you will leave with a professional resume.
 EXCEL At Digital Spreadsheets! -Learn more about Microsoft's extremely popular spreadsheet software, Excel, and how it is becoming a more critical skill in a number of different professions within the modern workforce.
 Launching an IT Career-Do you think it’s time you moved ahead in your IT career? Many of us land a job and are extremely grateful to be employed, but always harbor a dream that someday we will move up within the organization. Learn how to map out your IT career.
 Resumes that get Results!  OK, so you have a resume. But is it truly working for you? Is it a true reflection of all you have to offer? If not, then this is the session for you! Let's tweak it so it gets the Employer's attention!
Life as a Truck Driver Are you interested in  obtaining your CDLs? If so, come learn how you can receive funding for your tuition and what it takes to be a truck driver.
Resume Writing 101-Learn how to build a more effective resume in order to better promote your-self to potential employers
SC Works Informational Session- Learn and explore the options that may be available to you under the WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) Federal Program and how to receive possible funding for various certificate programs such as CDL, HVAC, Forklifting, Health Care Training, IT, and more.  This Informational session will also include some of the additional services we provide at SC Works.
 Expungement and Pardon Workshop- Come learn about the expungement process and how to delete misdemeanors and pardon felonies from your criminal record.  
Basic Computer Skills-Learn the basic functions of the desktop computer to include web browsing, email, and word processing.
Office 365: Computer Skills in the Cloud-What is the cloud?  Why is cloud computing on the rise?  How can cloud computing benefit my personal and professional title? Come learn the answers to all of these questions with an overview of office 365 including features and demonstrations.

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