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ACRP Synthesis LOI 2020

Welcome to the ACRP's Synthesis Consultant Letter of Interest

The ACRP Oversight Committee (AOC) authorized several new synthesis projects as part of the ACRP's FY 2020 program.  The new synthesis projects are listed below.  Each project has a link to its project page where you can read the tentative scope and related research.  

ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S01-23 Procuring Software Solutions at Airports
ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S01-24 Examples of Airports Providing Facility Space for Community Use
ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S01-25 Airport Parking Pricing Strategies
ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S03-16 State Aviation Funding: Project Prioritization and Selection Processes
ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S04-26 Managing an Emergency or Incident Associated with a Flight Diversion at Airports

ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S07-03 Airfield Apron/Ramp Paint Markings
ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S09-09 Automated Pavement  Condition Survey Practices at Airports
ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S10-17 Agricultural Operations on Airport Grounds
ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S10-18 Improving Native and Honey Bee Foraging on Airports

We are currently soliciting synthesis consultant letters of interest with directly relevant expertise and experience.

Letters of Interest are due by July 15, 2020.

Contacts will be made after we have matched available expertise with that required by the nature of the project.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When completing this form if you do not receive a “THANK YOU” message at the end of survey with a confirmation email, this means your answers to the survey are incomplete, and we will not be able to receive or record any information that you have submitted.