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Pricing Research Edition 5

Adviser Pricing Models Research Report Fifth Edition


Thank you for participating in our Adviser Pricing Models Research survey. We will be happy to share the findings with you, and place you in the draw for a chance to win a $2,000 Travel Voucher. We'll ask you for your name and contact details at the end of the survey.  We expect the survey to take roughly 20 minutes to complete.
Please note, all figures we ask you for are EXCLUSIVE of GST.

Confidentiality Agreement 

The information we’re collecting in this research is pretty serious stuff, and odds are, you’re going to rely on it to some degree to make some important decisions in your business. So will the other people we provide it to.
We know you’re sharing some sensitive info here, and we’ve found the best way to get everyone comfortable to do so is to enter into a serious legal agreement to protect each other. Even though this is just a ‘Next’ button you’re clicking on – you’re seriously agreeing to the legal stuff, and binding us to our obligations – so please read the following bullets. It’s not complex, but it is important!
  • You will answer the survey questions honestly.
  • The information collected by Elixir Consulting will only be disclosed in the context of its research findings; neither the identity of the Participant nor of the Participant’s business will be disclosed to any person outside of the staff, contractors and directors of Elixir Consulting.
  • When we send your thank you gift of the Adviser Insights edition of the research, you will not forward or share this research report with anyone.

Terms & Conditions of the Draw 
  • One winner will receive a single prize of a $2,000 travel voucher,  valid for 12 months after issue. 
  • The prize is not redeemable for cash, only travel. We really want you to take a break on us! 
  • All valid survey respondents will be placed in the draw. To be considered a valid survey respondent, you will have given a complete survey response (i.e. you will have answered all questions that are relevant to you and you'll adhere to your declaration of complete and accurate information). 
  • The winner will be drawn randomly at the Elixir Consulting offices on 31st January 2020 and Elixir Consulting will notify the winner by email. If the winner is happy for their identity to be shared, we will publish their name on our Facebook page.