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2020 Greenpeace Action Camp Application

Thank you for applying for the 2020 Greenpeace Action Camp. 

Action Camp will be held near Cazadero, California, on April 9-14, 2020. (Travel days are April 8th and 15th.) We will be accepting applications for the camp until January 31, 2020. Initial acceptances will be sent out by February 13, 2020. 

General Overview
This is a 6-day camp with travel days on either side. Applicants must be able to commit to attend the entire time. Before applying, please make sure that you will be able to arrive no later than the evening of Wednesday, April 8th and depart no earlier than the morning of Wednesday, April 15th. 

You will be responsible for your own travel costs. Limited travel stipends will be available for people who need support in order to attend camp. Please make sure you indicate on this application if you would like us to consider you for a travel stipend.

Please note, while we understand everyone is coming from different walks of life and self-medicating in a number of ways, this camp will be a sober space. Please consider if you are able to commit to this before applying to camp.

Skills offered
The primary skills tracks offered at camp are the Activists’ ABCs: 

Art and Creative Resistance: Participants in this track will learn the essential skills to make and use banners, silk screens, props, posters, graphics, puppets and a variety of other tools to produce effective high quality images for use in direct action, street theater, marches, protests, etc.

Blockades: Participants in this track will learn essential skills for occupying space using technical tools and their own bodies with a focus on developing skills that will be useful in their broader activist communities.

Climbing: Participants in the climb track will cover techniques, equipment, and procedures used by Greenpeace climbers globally. Rope access principles, mechanical devices, and other climbing methods will be introduced. The concepts shared can be adopted by all those who integrate climbing, protest, and resistance. 

There will also be workshops on other relevant topics and action skills (TBD).

When filling out the application, please indicate which of the 3 main focus areas (Art and Creative Resistance, Blockades, or Climbing) you are interested in exploring. Spaces are limited in each of the tracks, and we cannot guarantee that everyone will be placed into their first choice. For this reason, please make sure that you would be happy with any of your choices. If you plan on attending with friends from your region, it is recommended that you split up between tracks to maximize information gathering.

It is our intention that this camp have, in addition to technical trainings, a strong focus on relationship building, skill-sharing, and working across difference. To this end, there will be deliberate blocks of time set aside in the camp program for camp staff, trainers, and participants to recognize not only what dynamics bring us together but also to analyze and strategize ways to overcome the dynamics that keep us apart. This can and will take the form of large group workshops, as well as breakouts, caucuses, and small discussions. If this use of camp time and space doesn't seem worthwhile, then this will not be a useful camp for you to attend. 

We work hard to keep this camp affordable; therefore, we offer a sliding scale between $100-$1500. This fee covers 50 hours of training, six days of healthy meals, lodging, and access to gear, tools, and supplies. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

For Individuals, please select a rate that reflects your income. For those who are coming on behalf of organizations, use its annual budget to determine your rate. If you have any questions about this fee, feel free to reach out directly to Melissa at

Organizational Budget:
- 250k or below: $750
- 250k - 500k: $1000
- 500k or above: $1500

Program Goals
One goal of the Greenpeace training program is to spread skills in a variety of direct action techniques throughout the activist world with the idea that the more skilled and experienced activists there are in our shared movements, the better for all. We recognize the fact that most, if not all, meaningful social movements throughout history have been conceived, organized, and orchestrated from the ground up by front-line communities. We also see how the environmental activist movement has often failed to be inclusive and supportive of these very same communities. As a larger, well-resourced activist organization, Greenpeace wants to be a part of changing this dynamic by supporting all communities through offering direct action skills trainings, resource development, and bringing different activist communities together by creating a safe and inclusive space for skill sharing and learning.

To that end, we will prioritize outreach to people in marginalized, underrepresented, and front-line communities. People of color, women, especially women of color, LGBTQ and gender nonconforming individuals, and those with limited financial resources are all highly encouraged to apply.

Please feel free to direct any questions to Melissa at

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22. There are a limited number of need-based travel stipends available. These are ONLY for participants who are financially unable to attend camp without some support. Please only apply for aid if you have an insurmountable financial need. Otherwise, you will be depriving others with less resources from attending this camp. *This question is required.
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