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Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Quiz: 312-50 Quiz 26

Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Quiz: 312-50 Quiz 26

1. The following formula defines which method of dealing with risk?

Cost of Risk > Damage = Risk [Fill In the Blank]
2. Which of the following is a consideration when scheduling a penetration test?
3. You have implemented a regular backup schedule for a Windows system, backing up data files every night and creating a system image backup once per week. For security reasons, your company has decided not to store a redundant copy of the backup media at an off-site location.

Which of the following would be the best backup and storage option?

4. Which of the following best describes a physical barrier used to deter an aggressive intruder?

5. Which of the following malware types shows the user signs of potential harm that could occur if the user doesn't take a certain action?

6. Patrick is planning a penetration test for a client. As part of this test, he will perform a phishing attack. He needs to create a virus to distribute through email and run a custom script that will let him track who has run the virus.

Which of the following programs will allow him to create this virus?
7. Which of the following is a password cracking tool that can make over 50 simultaneous target connections?
8. An IDS can perform many types of intrusion detections. Three common detection methods are signature-based, anomaly-based, and protocol-based.

Which of the following best describes protocol-based detection?

9. Which of the following has five layers of structure that include Edge technology, Access gateway, Internet, Middleware, and Application?

10. What are the four primary systems of IoT technology?