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Library User Survey

As we continue to grow the SERC library, our library staff is very interested in the services, resources, and needs our patrons have need of within the library space. Please complete the survey below so that we can get a better idea of what we can improve on or create to make the SERC library an efficient space for all.
1. Are you a:
2. What time would be most convenient for you to access resources?
3. What materials are you looking for the most?
4. What features make the library process successful for you?
5. What resources inspire you to be a better education professional?
6. How much interaction with staff do you appreciate in the library space?
7. What topics are you interested in?
8. Would you be interested in having items shipped to you at your own cost?
9. If yes, what items would you be interested in having shipped?
10. Would you be interested in digitized versions of instructional material, assessments, in-service material, etc. to access online?
11. How much would you be willing to pay for a monthly subscription to these online services? (Publisher’s rights need to be purchased, etc.)
12. How would you prefer to access SERC material?