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Certification University Package Application - CPRP


The college/university contact will receive updates on the group application upon request and be the primary contact for all inquiries made by certification staff.

Once the application and candidate list have been received and reviewed, an invoice will be emailed directly to the college/university contact listed on the form. Once payment is received an email with instructions on how listed candidates may submit their eligibility for the exam will be provided to the college/university contact for distribution. Once a candidate’s eligibility has been reviewed and accepted they will receive one year to schedule and take the CPRP examination.

Helpful Hints
  • Consider internal college assessment grants
  • Universities can purchase Study Guides and place on loan to students who are completing exams
  • Encourage establishing a deadline for examination completion
  • Student outcome reports may provide tangible results assessing students’ achievement of program-specific learning outcomes. Such data would be a valuable addition to data generated by program-designed assessment measures when submitted as part of a COAPRT Accreditation Self-Study. A minimum of six students must identify your University when sitting for the examination in order for results to be provided. Universities must request the report when desired and within one year of University application completion. (Students must agree to have their results released to the University otherwise and fees may apply)

Please note: The CPRE Exam is available as an add-on to the group application (additional fees required). Please contact for more information.