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MLW 2020 - Call for Innovations - EN

Basic Information


Thank you for your interest in presenting an Innovation at Mobile Learning Week 2020.

If your proposal is selected by the evaluation committee for inclusion in the programme, you will have an opportunity to address an international audience of mobile learning specialists and representatives from governments, foundations, NGOs and private sector companies.

The winners of the Call for Innovations will be invited to a dedicated session to demonstrate their solutions to an up to 1000-person live audience including ministers, policy makers, representatives of international organizations and private sector companies, and educators during the 2020 edition of Mobile Learning Week.

UNESCO welcomes solutions (tools, Apps, etc.) from innovators, non-profits, start-ups, companies and organizations around the world that use:
- AI and big data to advance inclusive and equitable access to education or digital opportunities (e.g. tools and Apps ensuring gender-equitable access to and use of AI in education)
- Big data, data collection and processing technology to upgrade the Education Management Information System (EMIS
- AI to recognize learning patterns and enable personalized high-quality learning
- AI for subject-specific or interdisciplinary learning
- AI for innovative or new forms of learning
- AI for development of creativity and/or critical thinking
- Human-machine dual teacher models to empower teachers
- AI-powered lifelong learning companions

Proposals should include answers to the following questions:
- What is the innovation?
- Who is developing and who is benefitting from the innovation?
- Why is the innovation important and what will it accomplish?
- How is the innovation being implemented to further inclusion and access in education?
- What are the results? How can the innovation be scaled?

Proposals must be received by Monday, 20 January 2020 (midnight, Paris time).

If there is more than one presenter, please enter the personal information for the primary presenter in the fields below. 

The form asks for a narrative description of your innovation as well as professional biographies of all presenters.  Please allow yourself sufficient time to complete the required fields (we recommend a minimum of 15 minutes).  The proposal also asks for a picture of all innovation presenters; please have the necessary digital files available before you begin.  Work on the form cannot be saved. 

Please complete the proposal form carefully.  If your innovation is selected for inclusion in the MLW 2020 programme, the description you provide will be moved directly to the event website and printed materials.  Please edit the text to ensure clarity and readability.

For more information, click here or email the Mobile Learning Week Team at
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