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Wonderland Lake Engagement Window No. 2 Questionnaire

Please provide your feedback on the ideas community members shared for the Wonderland Lake area during Engagement Window #1 earlier this year. This input opportunity, Engagement Window #2 will help OSMP gauge the level of support for the various ideas shared. This questionnaire may take more than 10 minutes to complete. Please note: There may be difficulties in accessing this questionnaire when using the Firefox or Internet Explorer web browsers.

We've presented our “matrix of options” in this questionnaire as a series of multiple choices as that format was more compatible with a variety of technology, such as mobile phones, and provided community members with more convenient ways to participate. While the visual presentation of the information differs from how it was previously presented, the concept and input opportunity is unchanged. Learn more about this project at

How to navigate the questionnaire
This questionnaire is separated into the six management themes presented in Engagement Window #1, such as “Trail Improvements” – with six to 12 questions under each theme. There is an option for respondents to skip a theme if they so desire. For all the questions in each theme, please select the option(s) that you would support.

Proposed name change for the area
The questionnaire also includes an opportunity to provide input on a potential name change for the area that was submitted by members of the community. Please note that a name change would not have an effect on how the area is managed or change the Management Area Designation. 

This is a questionnaire, not a survey
This online questionnaire is intended to gauge the level of support for the various ideas the department heard from community members this summer. It is not a statistically valid survey.