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Pathway Self-Study Tool 2020

The world of work and learning is changing — and our strategies for developing tomorrow’s workforce must change with it. Are you shifting your practices to better prepare young people to graduate from high school ready for college and to fully participate in the economy and civic life?
What is this Self-Study Tool?

Check in on your pathway development progress using our Linked Learning Pathway Self-Study Tool! Your answers will help you visualize what you've accomplished, note areas you're making strides, and create an action plan to continue strengthening your program.*

How do I use this Tool?
  • Collaborate with your team to see your growth, plan next steps and keep improving pathways to produce greater outcomes for students!
  • Pathway data can enrich your experience using this tool and its reporting, but is not required to answer most questions. Here's a list of the information we talk about in the tool:
    • Student participation and attendance data, disaggregated by student subgroups where possible, including English Learners
    • Academic coursework and pathway program requirements
    • Teacher/educator and industry partner data, including specific supports and frequency of participation
    • Student, educator, industry partner, and community member engagement (opportunities for input, collaboration, evaluation)
  • Complete the questions as many times as you'd like. Earning your Silver or Gold Certification is great, but even more important is the process of tracking your progress and continually improving.
What are the Linked Learning Certification Standards?

Linked Learning is a proven approach to developing high-quality pathways that prepare students for college and career. Building pathways guided by Linked Learning certification standards will help you establish a strong program that includes: 1) an integrated program of academic and CTE study, 2) work-based learning opportunities, and 3) a comprehensive student support program. The certification process is progressive. As a candidate pathway your team collects and reviews artifacts - as you put in place the foundational structures of a Linked Learning pathway (recognized as Silver), and then build a high-quality Linked Learning college and career experience for students (Gold Certification). Each level builds on your accomplishments and helps establish a solid pathway foundation that will serve students’ needs long into the future.

How do I learn more?
  • For more information about the Linked Learning Alliance, please visit their website.
  • For more information about how Pivot Learning's Beyond High School program can help you design and implement a successful pathway program, please visit their website.

*This tool has been developed through a collaboration between Pivot Learning and the Linked Learning Alliance, and is intended to help you understand how you’re doing in relation to several important Linked Learning concepts. It is not a formal evaluation of your program’s certification progress.