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Survey 2: Campus Profile for the College and Career Compass

Campus Profile for the Compass Online Tool

Each institution participating in the College and Career Compass will be highlighted in the online tool through a unique Campus Profile.  

Your institution's Campus Profile will share what your campus has to offer, particularly your policies, practices and services that are supportive of adult learners' needs.  We encourage you to consider including in your Campus Profile some of the strengths you identified in the Compass Institutional Self-Assessment.

The Compass online tool has a mobile-first design.  While there are no maximum lengths for the sections of the profile, keep in mind that users will likely be interacting with the profile on their phone.  

For any questions about the Campus Profile, please contact Ami Magisos, 
2. Please provide an institutional banner with a campus photo, logo or image that will appear above your campus name in your Compass Campus Profile.

Format requirements:  PNG/JPEG.  Any resolution is acceptable, but 1920 by 1280 px recommended.  Image may have sides or top/bottom cropped depending on the user's screen size.) *This question is required.
8. Who should we contact if we have questions about your Campus Profile? *This question is required.