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The Drum Marketing Awards-Judge Application

The Drum Marketing Awards - Judge Application

The Drum Marketing Awards US, the prestigious industry event that rewards and celebrates the most effective marketing strategies and campaigns over the past year.

But it’s the judging that makes these awards different to the rest. The Marketing Awards judging is open to client-side marketers only. It brings a unique perspective to the judging and provides a great environment for brand marketers to network, discuss trends and debate great work.

We are looking for a wide selection of job roles ranging from CMO to Brand and product manager. So if you work direct for a client in a marketing function please register your interest below and get ready to be inspired!

You may apply to judge online only, or online AND onsite in New York on March 10.

Please note, there is a limited number of judging places available, the allocation will be decided on ensuring there is a balanced representation in terms of skills, knowledge, gender, and culture.
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Next please choose which session you would like to judge:

The Marketing Awards will be judged online for the first round on February 28.

The Marketing Awards second round of judging will take place in person, in NYC on March 10.
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