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2020 Animation Gets Real Registration

2020 Virtual Animation Gets Real Online Registration

1. Name and Address
This question requires a valid email address.
2. Would you like to share your student's disability?
3. Has the student used a computer animation program before?
4. Will your student have access to a computer with good WI-Fi connection? *This question is required.
5. Will your student have access to an iPad tablet?
6. Can your student navigate a computer independently?
7. Are you able to help your student with any accommodations/modifications to successfully participate?
8. Will your student be participating with a personal assistant?
9. Where did you hear about Animation Gets Real?  Please select all that apply.
10. In the case of a physical or any injury to registrant associated with an activity involving Arts4All Florida or CARD, Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, the registrant and contractor shall indemnify and hold harmless, and hereby releases, discharges, and acquits Arts4All Florida, Inc. and CARD (and their respective directors, officers, members, employees, agents and independent contractors) from and against any and all claims, damages and liabilities resulting from or associated with said injury or the treatment of said injury.

I/ (my son/daughter has permission) will/to participate in Animation Gets real.  I hereby give my consent to have a doctor of medicine or dentistry provide me (my son/daughter) with emergency medical assistance and/or treatment and agree to be responsible financially for the reasonable cost of each assistance and/or treatment.
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11. My signature on this document gives my consent to Arts4All Florida to photograph or videotape me/my child and to use such photos, voice or other likeness for future public awareness including print media, online news distribution, Arts4All Florida website, television and radio opportunities, video, promotional materials and other educational or exhibition purposes.  I also acknowledge that my/my child's work that is created through Arts4All Florida programs may be selected, displayed, used, or reproduced to benefit the ongoing statewide art programming of Arts4All Florida.
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12. We may be ordering T-shirts for all participants, depending on enrollment for this virtual summer camp.  Please indicate what size your student will wear. *This question is required.
13. Which of the following class options would you like your student to attend? *This question is required.
14. If you are choosing the second option above, please indicate which class you are selecting.