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Survey 1: Institutional Self-Assessment and Student Response Plan


The purpose of the Compass Institutional Self-Assessment and Student Response Plan is to
  • Inform the development of strategies supportive of adult learners
  • Provide the campus plan for responding to student leads from Compass.

The Self-Assessment was developed based on a literature review and conversations with leadership from Washington institutions.  WSAC will use the Self-Assessment results to:
  • Create an inventory of existing policies and practices at participating campuses.
  • Facilitate future learning exchanges among participating institutions.
  • Identify best practices for support and expansion.
We recognize that campuses will vary in the depth and breadth of adult learner-focused practices and responses from the Self-Assessment.  Responses will only be shared in aggregate, unless authorized by the campus leadership contact.

Self-Assessment preparation for submission:
The Self-Assessment Worksheets at include all of the topics in this Self-Assessment.  We suggest that a cross-division campus team review the worksheet topics and questions, discuss the campus policies and practices, and gather responses on the worksheets before completing this online survey.

The Self-Assessment includes five focus areas: Admissions and Enrollment, Academic Programs, Affordability, Student Supports and Planning and Evaluation.  Each focus area includes example strategies and reflection questions.

- For each strategy, please indicate whether your campus offers that type of support, and provide a description and weblink (if applicable). 

- For each focus area, provide a reflection on your institution’s strengths, challenges and areas of growth.

Student Response Plan:
This survey will also ask about your campus plan for responding to Compass-referred students in a timely and tailored manner.  You will provide the main point of contact for prospective students who will be referred to you through the Compass Online Tool.

For questions, please contact Ami Magisos