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Valuing Collaboration


Welcome to the Capitals Coalition Valuing Collaboration Survey!

Thank you for participating in this important survey on the value of collaboration.

A capitals approach enables business, finance and governments to identify, measure and value their dependencies and impacts on the world.

Well we thought is was time that we use some of these same methods to value the importance of the collaboration that is at the core of how we work together at the Capitals Coalition.

To encourage participation, ERM, which is managing the survey on behalf of the Coalition, will make donations to ERM Foundation projects dedicated to supporting a more sustainable world.   

This survey is divided into three sections and will take about 10 minutes to complete:

Section 1 - Your opinions about the value of collaboration
Section 2 - Profile information about you and your organization
Section 3 - ERM Foundation donation preference

Your answers are confidential and will not be disclosed.

We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Our policy on when and why we collect personal information, and how we use and store it can be found at:

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