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Concussion Quality Standard: Public Feedback Survey

Health Quality Ontario, now the Quality business unit of Ontario Health, is seeking feedback on a draft quality standard on concussion. Quality standards inform patients, clinicians and organizations about what high-quality health care looks like, based on the best available evidence.  

About the Concussion Quality Standard:

This quality standard addresses care for children age 5 years and older, adolescents, and adults with a concussion. Concussion is also referred to as a mild traumatic brain injure. This quality standard includes all settings in which concussion care is provided, including primary care, emergency departments, outpatient care, rehabilitation, and concussion clinics. 

The scope of this quality standard includes all causes of concussion (sports and non-sports) and all clinical populations, and it applies to all health care providers.  This quality standard addressed the assessment, diagnosis, and management of acute concussion and persistent or prolonged post-concussion symptoms.

This quality standard excludes the care of children under age 5 years, primary prevention of concussion, sports-specific protocols, penetrating injuries, brain damage from strokes or other cerebrovascular accidents, and moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (injury that may result in an extended period of unconsciousness or amnesia and that results in long-term effects). 

Download and review the draft concussion quality standard here.

The concussion patient conversation guide helps people with concussion and their parents and their parents and caregivers know what to ask for when receiving care and to ensure they receive the highest-quality care. The patient conversation guide can be used by patients, their parents and caregivers to work with their health care professionals to develop a care plan that works for them.

Download and review the draft concussion patient conversation guide here.

This quality standard and patient conversation guide will be open for feedback from January 6 to January 27, 2020. The closing time is 11:59PM (EST) on January 27, 2020.

Your input can help us make this quality standard better. Using this survey tool, you can provide feedback on the content of each quality statement.  There is a space for general comments and any feedback and suggestions you may have on how we can disseminate, communicate, and promote adoption of this quality standard across Ontario.
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