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Communication Workshop Registration

1. Personal Information
3. What is the name of your church? Use the drop-down menu below to identify the congregation. *This question is required.
This list is as of December 31, 2018. Words in church names are generally spelled out (for example, "Saint" and "Fort"). If you serve more than one congregation, select the one you spend the most time serving. Contact Research Services at or at (800) 728-7228, ext. 2040, if you cannot find your congregation on the list.

First, select the state; and then the city; and, finally, the congregation.
6. Would you like to include lunch?    (Your Presbytery will contact you concerning any fees for lunch)
Pre- Communications Workshop Assessment

Help us customize a workshop that meets your communications needs by telling us about you and your communications experience.

7. What are your communications responsibilities?  (Check all that apply)
8. Communication is my:
9. I have worked in the communications field for: 
10. My church or presbytery has a strategic communications plan.
11. My experience with the media is:
12. How important is social media to your church or presbytery's communications efforts?
13. How experienced are you in using social media?