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Trends Survey of North Texas Markets 2020


Instructions: Thank you for your participation. THIS WILL ONLY TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO COMPLETE. (Per Property Type) You will be asked:
  • What classifications best apply to your position (e.g., broker, owner)
  • What type(s) of properties you work with (e.g., retail, apartments). If you work with multiple property types and would like to answer the survey for multiple property types, please feel free to do so. The survey will ask you the same questions for each property type. We appreciate your time in answering for one property type.
  • Questions about TI's and growth rates relevant to the classifications that apply to you, with drop-down menu options for many of the questions to expedite the time to complete. Where a fill-in-the blank answer is required, please use only a single answer (it will not accept ranges).
  • Finally, there are three questions about your opinion on trends in the North Texas and/or United States markets. We appreciate your complete and honest participation.
Participants will receive a complimentary electronic copy of 2020 Real Estate Investment Trends and a chance to win a $200 gift card.
1. Please provide your contact information *This question is required.
2. What classifications best describe your position? Please check all that apply.
3. What type of property do you primarily work with? Feel free to check one or more that apply. However, for each property type you select, the survey will ask similar questions. *This question is required.