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Task Team Application: Brain- Based Conditions

Introduction and Instructions


For each new Specialist Certificate Program, NAPO Education develops new and unique core classes. We are seeking Task Team Members for the upcoming Brain-Based Conditions (BBC) Specialist Certificate. The Brain-Based Conditions Specialist Certificate is designed to help professional organizers and productivity consultants develop foundational knowledge for working with clients experiencing symptoms or having diagnoses under the umbrella of Brain-Based Conditions.

Task Team Members are volunteer Subject-Matter Experts (SME) who serve on three-person teams to support the instructors who are developing courses for NAPO, including creating learning objectives and reviewing the final product before it gets recorded. The commitment is approximately 10 hours, and you will earn CEU credits for the class. 

You will not be responsible for developing the course content, but you will be reviewing course content for accuracy. You must have subject-matter expertise in whichever course topic(s) you choose. 

Please note: You may serve on more than one task team (time permitting) at a time. 

Application Deadline: Wednesday, January 15, 2020


  • Brain-Based Conditions I: Understanding Executive Functioning Challenges - Introduction to Hoarding, Chronic Disorganization, ADHD, and other conditions POs/PCs most often encounter. Educate about what Executive Functioning (EF) challenges are and the impact on organizing/productivity. Identify EF challenges as the primary/direct issue for people with conditions PO/PCs most often encounter. 
  • Brain-Based Conditions II: Complex Executive Functioning Challenges - Other challenges POs/PCs encounter: impacts on functioning, implications for organizing physical conditions with behavioral or cognitive impact, substance-related and addictive disorders; and how EF challenges have a secondary impact on people with other stresses and diagnoses.
  • Working with Children and Dependents with Brain-Based Conditions - Dynamics when working with a dependent client and contracting with their parent/caregiver. Building rapport, third party payers, working with the parent/caregiver who may have their own challenges (BBC, control). Relational vs. Legal: How to help them be independent, whole and working towards reaching their goals. Educating the family about challenges, compassion, and focus on empowerment/independence. Empathizing with parents/caregivers who are grieving about their child's issues.
  • Procedures & Policies for Organizing & Productivity Professionals Who Work with Clients Living with Brain-Based Conditions - Ethics and ethical choices, best ethical practices and responsibilities for POs/PCs regarding boundaries, red flags, safety, and confidentiality. Intro to mental health professionals and their roles and services; referrals to whom. The importance of BBC education for POs/PCs. Standard P&Ps to integrate into PO/PCs business. 
  • Communicating with Clients about Overwhelm and Behavioral Challenges - What to do when the client is overwhelmed and doesn't know why (has not been diagnosed), what if we suspect a brain-based condition is in play, how to deal with what the client is telling you with appropriate boundaries, how to discuss, encouraging sharing of challenges with other support team members and or educate themselves. How to communicate in a de-stigmatizing way with clients.
  • Communicating with Clients about Diagnosed Brain-Based Challenges - How to talk with clients about how their diagnosed BBC impacts the project or predicament they are asking the PO/PC for help with. How to increase awareness and identify strategies so clients will be successful with the project and its maintenance. For example accommodations, communication, breaks, reminders, preparing for and recovery from sessions, developing a support 'team,' providing resources for BBCs.
  • Other Brain-Based Topic - Is there an advanced topic or emerging technique not listed here? Though the above topics have been selected by a team of experts in this field, please feel free to submit additional course proposals under the umbrella of Brain-Based Conditions. 

To be considered for the position, you must: 
  • Be a subject-matter expert (SME) in the class topic for which you are applying.
  • Be a NAPO member with Professional status*
  • Have at least 3 years of organizing and/or productivity experience.
  • Be available to develop the class between January 2020 and June 2020. Expected release date: August 2020
*Non-NAPO members with extensive experience in a related field will also be considered.

Please confirm below which classes you would like to participate in, and whether you would like to be a TT Lead or TT Member. If you're not interested in the class, simply indicate "Not Interested". If you have any questions, please reach out to Ashley Rapone, NAPO Professional Development Manager (NAPO HQ) via email at or phone at 856-380-6835. 
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