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Continuing Education Reimbursement Program Application

Hello valued member,

Our Continuing Education Reimbursement Program can provide financial support for you! Whether it's gaining the required CEs to maintain your current license, or obtaining new certifications to keep up with the latest professional standards, we are here to assist.
What Is Reimbursable?
  • Any training fees resulting in CEs (conferences, live simulcasts, webinars, seminars, in-person or online classes, symposiums, etc.).
  • Any exam fees for a new certification related to your current field, if taken within the last 60 days (pass or fail).
  • Any review course or review material fees (including non-credit college courses), if taken within six (6) months prior to the certification exam.
  • American Heart Association (AHA) Certifications are eligible.
  • License renewals are eligible.
  • Up to $1,000 per year.
What Is Not Reimbursable?
  • Membership fees or dues.
  • Travel, food, or lodging costs.
  • Any costs or fees already reimbursed by your employer for this training.
  • Any reimbursement for a training, license, or certification which has previously been reimbursed by the Education Fund within the current calendar year.

If you believe you qualify for this program, please continue the application!