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2019 Business Volunteer Survey

2019 Business Volunteer Survey- Welcome

As we reflect on 2019 and begin a new year, NYC Service is excited to announce that the 2019 Business Volunteer Survey is open for submissions! Businesses that have served during calendar year 2019 are invited to submit their employee engagement data for the year.
How it works:
• Submit your business’ employee engagement data for the 2019 calendar year, January 1- December 31, 2019.
• All submissions are due by close of business on Friday, February 14th, 2020.
•  Business that meet the criteria of engaging at least 20% of their NYC-based employees (30% if more than 100 employees are NYC-based) will receive a Certificate of Recognition signed by the Mayor and the NYC Chief Service Officer to recognize their civic engagement achievements. Select businesses will also be invited to take part in our annual Mayoral Service Recognition Program in April 2020.

The service efforts of the NYC business community will also be showcased within the 2019 Volunteers Count report, detailing the service landscape in New York City.
Finally, 2019 Good for Me. Good for My City. Campaign Members and Secret Snowflake partners will be prompted to answer a few additional questions to report end-of-year numbers and feedback for 2019.
If you experience any issues with the survey form, do not hesitate to reach out to Laura Kemeh, Public/Private Partnerships Coordinator, at
Thank you for your continued commitment to service. We look forward to highlighting your work and continuing our partnerships with each and every one of you.