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KTER NET Member Baseline

Enrollment Form and Baseline Survey for NET Members


You are invited to participate in a study conducted by the Center on Knowledge Translation for Employment Research (KTER,, which is dedicated to helping vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies and the businesses they serve to find, understand, and use research related to employing people with disabilities. The research is funded by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR award 90DP0077). KTER works in partnership with the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR) and the National Employment Team (the NET). 
The purpose of the study is to determine whether members of CSAVR’s National Employment Team (NET) who receive training and support related to VR’s business outreach experience any change in engagement from their business clients. 


The study has the following components:
  1. You will be asked to complete this brief study enrollment form. It takes about 10 minutes to complete. Your enrollment is voluntary and you may choose to discontinue participation at any time. A section of the form asks you to provide contact information for business representatives with which you work so that we can send them a brief survey about their experiences using VR services.
  2. Of those who fill out the enrollment form, 14 will be randomly assigned to the training group, and another 14 randomly assigned to a comparison group. If you are assigned to the comparison group, you will receive a follow-up survey about 8 months after submitting this survey. Everyone who is not selected for either group will also be placed on a waiting list in case someone drops out of the study. 
  3. If you are selected for the training group:
    - you will be sent an invitation to complete four online, self-paced training modules, each about 15 minutes long. Together, they will take you about an hour. The trainings provide information and tips on how to effectively engage with businesses and promote VR services. They cover topics such as how businesses operate, effective outreach and communication strategies, and best practices for working with businesses. 

    You will be asked to complete brief knowledge checks at the beginning and end of the set of training modules to measure how effective they, as a whole, convey information that is clear and useful.
    A member of the KTER Center staff will contact you to schedule brief phone calls to find out how useful the training is in helping with your business outreach efforts. There will be six monthly check-in calls that last approximately 15 minutes each.
    Also following completion of the training, you will be sent a link for a brief follow up survey to assess the extent to which you are able to use information provided in the training in your day-to-day work conducting business outreach. 
As a token of our appreciation, we are offering two $20 Amazon gift cards, one for completing each of the two surveys (enrollment and follow-up). You are eligible for the gift cards regardless of whether you are assigned to the training or comparison group, or the waiting list. Those who are enrolled in the training group will be offered a $100 Amazon gift card after completing all four training modules and their associated learning checks.
There are no known risks to completing the enrollment form, taking the training or completing the follow up survey. Information collected as part of this study can be used to improve the quality and effectiveness of VR business services to better meet the needs of businesses and improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities.
Although some personal identifying information will be collected as part of the study, results will be reported in aggregate such that individual responses cannot be identified. Your individual responses will not be shared with your employer or other organizations. Any personal identifying information collected as part of the study will not be used or distributed for future research studies.
If you have questions or concerns about this study, please contact the principal investigator of the KTER Center, Dr. Kathleen Murphy at, by phone at (202) 391-6541, or at 4700 Mueller Blvd., Austin, TX 78723. If you have concerns or questions about your rights as a research participant, contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB), which is responsible for the protection of project participants, at, toll-free at 1-800-634-0797, or c/o IRB, 1000 Thomas Jefferson St. NW, Washington, DC 20007.