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The State of the Free Agent Nation & Contingent Workforce (AB)

Changes in the Workforce

Definitions: For the purpose of this study, the term contingent worker refers to any worker who is not viewed as a traditional full-time employee. Such workers may be freelancers, independent contractors, consultants, temporary employees, part-time employees, volunteers, or other outsourced and non-permanent workers.

In this study, “free agent nation,” a term coined by management writer Daniel Pink, refers to all people who work as contingent workers. 
1. About what percentage of your overall current workforce is made up of contingent workers? (please provide your best estimate)
2. How has the percentage of contingent workers in your organization changed over the last three years? 
Has grownHas stayed the sameHas shrunk
3. How do you expect the percentage of contingent workers in your organization to change over the next three years?
Will growWill stay the sameWill shrink
4. Generally speaking, how good is your organization at acquiring and managing contingent workers?
TerriblePoorFairGoodExcellentDon’t know